One last splash at Kinsmen Soper Park Pool in Cambridge

The Kinsmen Soper Park Pool is closing for good in the fall, so the community made sure to get one last splash in.

The pool has been a Cambridge staple for almost 60 years, and just marked its last Labour Day swim.

“Soper Park opened in 1962,” said Rachel Fraser, the manager of recreations and culture for the City of Cambridge. “This is sort of the end of its life cycle.

“We know that people are going to be really sad that the pool is leaving, but at the same time we really want to see what the next step can be.”

The city offered several COVID-19 safe games and activities for the “Last Splash” on Monday. Registration and online screenings were required for the free event.

“This pool has been real important to our family this summer and when the kids were growing up,” said Monica Gomes. “It would be really good for the surrounding communities if it was just put to something that everybody could enjoy for all ages, families, teenagers, adults and people who come by themselves.”

The City of Cambridge is asking residents to participate in a public engagement survey online with their ideas and vision for what the space can become next.

“I really think it should be a pool, I don’t want the pool to go away,” said Luis Gomes. “This is the perfect location. There’s a lot of people I’ve met this year who have families that walk here.”

The survey wraps up Sept. 27, followed by preliminary steps to decide what the future holds for the space.