One person arrested after Lamborghini stolen during Toronto home invasion

One person has been arrested and at least one other suspect remains outstanding after a luxury SUV was stolen during a home invasion in Toronto.

Police say that the home invasion took place at a condominium unit in the Fort York Boulevard and Spadina Avenue area at around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The vehicle was then located more than 15 kilometres away on Summitcrest Drive in the Royal York Road and Islington Avenue area later in the morning.

Footage obtained by CP24 shows a heavy police presence in the residential neighbourhood, including dozens of members of the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force. At least one OPP officer can also be seen holding a rifle as two colleagues speak with a suspect in handcuffs at the side of the road.

Two schools in the area were briefly placed under hold-and-secure as a result of the investigation but those orders have since been lifted.

“I can tell you that there is at least one (suspect) outstanding but likely more,” Toronto Police Inspt. Paul Krawczyk told reporters at the scene. “Also, I do not believe at this time there is a threat to the public safety and certainly this neighborhood. Because it was a home invasion we believe that this was a targeted event.”

Krawczyk said that one victim was located following the home invasion, though he refused to say whether that individual was taken to the west end by the suspects.

He said that at this point it also remains unclear what motivated the home invasion.

On Thursday morning officers could be seen examining the stolen Lamborghini Urus, which was parked in front of a house on the street.

The cheapest models of the vehicle retail for more than $250,000 but some models go for upwards of $400,000.

“That would be a total guess on my part,” Krawczyk said when asked whether the suspects were after the luxury vehicle. “Obviously it was stolen but I don't know if that was the purpose.”

Toronto has seen a rash of violent carjackings over the course of the last week, with three taking place over a two-hour span on Wednesday night.

Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner also had his Range Rover stolen at gunpoint outside an Etobicoke movie theatre on Monday night in an incident that he later called "scary."

Speaking with reporters at a press conference on Thursday morning, Mayor John Tory said that Toronto police have agreed to “assign some additional resources” to investigate the recent string of carjackings which have sent shockwaves through the city.

He said that he also anticipates that police will be making an announcement in the coming days about some “additional efforts they will undertake to fight this.”

“You got to fight back against this. These are organized criminals and they are people that are engaged in brazen behaviour that does put the safety of citizens at risk,” he said. “You know, stealing a car is one thing and it's not good, it's a bad thing. But putting the lives potentially of people at risk or endangering the safety of neighborhoods is just not something that we're going to accept and I certainly have given the police chief my full support in doing whatever he feels that they must do in order to push back hard against this and bring these people to justice.”