Only 3 COVID-19 violation tickets issued relating to vaccine cards

In the first 11 days after B.C. implemented its vaccine card system requiring proof of vaccination to enter non-essential businesses, the province says it issued three violation tickets.

The Ministry of Public Safety says one violation ticket was issued to an owner or organizer for contravening the public health order on gatherings, and two tickets were issued for contravening the health orders on food and liquor serving rules.

The vaccine card system was first implemented on Sept. 13, and all three tickets were issued on or before Sept. 24, which means it’s possible more have since been handed out.

“There is a tremendous amount of activity underway by compliance and enforcement officers to gain compliance which is not reflected in violation tickets numbers,” reads a statement from the ministry.

All three tickets were for $2,300.

The number of violation tickets relating to vaccine cards is expected to be lower than the number of other COVID-19 rule violation tickets from before, the ministry said. That’s because the majority – 81 per cent – of B.C. residents aged 12 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

“We anticipate that the number of violation tickets issued in relation to vaccine card requirements will be much lower than the rate of violation tickets in previous months,“ the statement continues.