Ontario NDP leader makes stop in Sudbury at LU

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath was at Laurentian University on Wednesday.

Horwath held a press conference criticizing the Ford government for inaction on the crisis at Laurentian and calling for a provincial action plan to save and stabilize the university.

"The idea that this government has simply walked away and ignored the crisis where literally hundreds of jobs – well-paying jobs -- have been lost," she said. "Where students have been put into a scramble, where really important areas of study have been completely shut down."

Horwath was joined by two local MPPs.

"The commitment to begin is to show up. The previous minister of colleges and universities didn't show up at all. The new one hasn't shown up, Doug Ford hasn't shown up," said Sudbury MPP Jamie West.

The NDP said the insolvency process isn't something universities belong in and would like the province to step in to stabilize the crisis.

On another issue, the NDP said it's committed to supporting the University of Sudbury to become a French-only institution.

"This is why the University of Sudbury needs to be done," said Guy Bourgouin, NDP Francophone issues critic.

"It's to stop assimilating, address the Francophone needs and address the needs of the Francophone community throughout the North and Ontario."

Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas said Francophones want another French university.

"This is something that Francophones in Sudbury have asked for for over 60 years. So the crisis at Laurentian has provided the opportunity to move forward with this," said Gelinas.

CTV reached out to the Ministry of College and Universities.

It released this statement:

"Since Day 1, our focus has always been on ensuring that current Laurentian University students can continue their studies without interruption and that there will be a long-term sustainable solution to providing post-secondary education in Sudbury."