Police have closed Highway 6 due to protesters at a residential development in Caledonia (Dan Lauckner / CTV News Kitchener)

Provincial police say they continue to monitor a housing complex in Caledonia that's become the site of a housing dispute.

Protesters moved onto the McKenzie Meadows site in late July. They were given an eviction notice by police on July 31 and officers arrested nine protesters on Aug. 5. Another man was arrested in relation to the protests on Aug. 24.

In a release on Tuesday, police say they're continuing to "engage in significant collaborative and respectful dialogue aimed at bringing about a peaceful resolution" at the site.

"The OPP has no role to play in the underlying issues and is not in a position to resolve them," the release says in part.

Two court injunctions are currently in effect. They were extended on Aug. 25, according to police. The injunctions prevent anyone from being on the McKenzie Meadows property in Caledonia. The injunctions also say road blockades aren't allowed in Haldimand County.

The OPP says anyone engaging in "illegal actions such as failing to comply with a court order" could face criminal charges.

Charges could include disobeying an order of court, obstructing a peace officer, causing disturbance, mischief or intimidation.

Offences could be subject to fines or imprisonment.

The OPP says the Highway Safety Traffic Act allows the towing and impounding of vehicles.