Ontario Provincial Police say a search continues Sunday for an individual who fell through ice in the Bay of Quinte area on Saturday.

Police were called to Point Anne in Belleville at around 5 p.m. Saturday on reports someone had fallen into the water. Emergency services from Prince Edward County, Belleville and Trenton also responded to the call.

The individual was not found Saturday and police said the OPP underwater search and recovery unit would continue the search Sunday.

The OPP are reminding the public of the dangers of thin ice.

"While the ice may look tempting for ice fishing or other activities, PLEASE make the safe decision to STAY OFF," the OPP said in a press release, emphasis theirs. "The temperatures have been erratic this winter and most ice is not thick enough to safely support people. Don't put your own life, and the lives of first responders at risk."

Police recommend anyone who is venturing on ice to carry safety equipment such as a survival suit, ice picks and a rescue rope.

The Canadian Red Cross says ice must be at least 15 cm thick for a single person to stand or skate on it safely, while at least 20 cm is required for multiple people. Ice should be at least 25 cm thick for snowmobiles to be able to cross safely.