Opportunistic ravens tear backpacks, feast on lunches at Lake Louise Ski Resort

Warnings have been posted at a ski resort in Banff National Park as unguarded lunches continue to land in beaks during crimes of opportunity.

Ravens have been helping themselves to visitors' food at Lake Louise Ski Resort.

The clever, powerful birds have benefitted from the pandemic-related reduction of indoor dining options at the resort, as per public health restrictions, that has led to an increase in tailgate dining. 

Parking lot meals have brought additional sources of food for the birds, a detail they were quick to discover.

An unkindness of ravens will scout where skiers and snowboarders leave their belongings and capitalize when the coast appears clear.

"They can be mischievous," explained James Fraser, resort spokesperson. "It is interesting to watch them because you can see how intelligent they are."

Fraser says the warning signs serve to protect lunches and remind visitors of the rules.

"We just wanted to address it from a proactive angle to let people know that feeding wildlife in a national park is not permitted."

The ski resort is currently scheduled to remain open until May 2.

With files from CTV's Bill Macfarlane