Orangeville's mayor Sandy Brown is stepping aside as chair of the police services board, amid allegations by the Orangeville Police Association that he broke an oath of confidentiality.

Much of Orangeville's monthly Police Service Board meeting was held behind closed doors Thursday morning while the board dealt with the allegations.

"He's breached the confidentiality rules of the board and the police service act in releasing private internal investigation information," President of the Orangeville Police Association Sgt Doug Fry told CTV News.

The Police Association alleges that the mayor also shared personal information with members of council and the media.

The mayor has stepped aside as chair but will remain on the board until the Ontario Civilian Police Commission investigates the allegations.

"I remain on the board as a member until such time an investigation may begin, and there may be another action for me to stand down at that time."

The controversy comes just as the town is about to consider whether to shutter the Orangeville Police Service and go with OPP as a cost-saving measure. Policing accounts for nearly a quarter of the town's budget.

A consultant's report will be delivered to council on Monday, November 4th, followed by a staff report by the CAO the following week. The mayor says allegations against him have not altered the process at town hall.

"At this moment, I am a member of the Police Services Board. I'm happy to continue working with this board and do the best we can for the residents of Orangeville," he said on Thursday.

Orangeville town council must make their final decision on whether they will keep Orangeville Police Service or switch to Ontario Provincial Police by December 9th.