A series of vehicle thefts between Sunday and Monday morning has Barrie police warning people to keep their car fobs away from the front door.

Police say thieves used a radio signal from keyless fobs to steal five vehicles overnight Sunday, including three Toyota Highlanders and two Lexus SUVs, all from the Mapleton Avenue and Ardagh Road area.

"The individuals were able to utilize technology to override the computer system which gave them access to the vehicles and drive away," said Barrie police spokesperson, Peter Leon.

Police say this was the first organized theft of this scale in the city.

They believe the stolen vehicles will be shipped outside of Canada and sold.

Police are concerned this isn't the last time the thieves will strike and recommend keeping vehicles in the garage if possible or using a steering wheel lock.

They also suggest storing key fobs in a drawer or far from the front door where an RF signal could override the car's computer.