Mike Hoffman was fined for organizing this rally at Lethbridge city hall on Tuesday.

An organizer of a Tuesday rally opposing COVID restrictions has been given a pair of tickets by the Lethbridge Police Service.

Mike Hoffman posted a video on the We The People YQL Facebook page, showing two LPS officers serving him with the tickets.

In the video, officers explain one of the tickets is for holding an assembly without a permit. It carries a $300 voluntary fine.

The other ticket is for violating a public health order by the Medical Officer of Health, with a court appearance scheduled for March 17. The officer explains that ticket carries a voluntary penalty of $1,200.

In the video Hoffman tells the officers that he will contest the tickets in court.

About 45 people attended the rally that was held outside of Lethbridge city hall on Jan. 11. Only a couple of protesters were wearing masks. After hearing from speakers, people were urged to form a circle and hold hands while they prayed.

The Lethbridge Police Service has not announced the charges, but said Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh will provide information on enforcement efforts in regard to the rally during a news conference Thursday morning.