Dr. Denis Dudley and Dr. Sharyn Laughlin are stranded on Abaco Island as Hurricane Dorian makes landfall.

An Ottawa couple is among the Canadians stuck in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Dr. Denis Dudley and Dr. Sharyn Laughlin were visiting their home on the Bahamian Island. When news that Hurricane Dorian was intensifying, the couple tried to leave.

"We tried getting them a charter out, but authorities had closed the airports" said daughter Kristin Dudley,

"We weren't able to get them out."

Dudley says it's been more than 24 hours since she last heard from her parents.

"We haven't heard from them since yesterday at 4:30," said Dudley.

"Fear, because the second part of the storm tends to be worse than the first part."

Dudley's father grew up in Jamaica and the family knows the Abaco Island well, often vacationing there annually.

"They were prepared for the storm. We have a generator that can last up to a month, they had food, they had water, everything was set," said Dudley.

But the waters were more powerful than predicted, and rushed quickly into the main floor of the home.

"The main floor was underwater, the ocean had come in, all the doors and windows blown in," said Dudley.

"Part of the roof caved in on the other side."

As the hurricane began to make landfall, the couple moved to the top floor of their partially destroyed home.

Dr. Dudley is also a diabetic, and his daughter is worried if he has the necessary medication. 

"My mom was like, 'so the storm's past, we're done,' and I'm like, 'no, you're in the centre of it," said Dudley.

Like many others, Dudley is now forced to wait and watch the terrifying images. 

"We weren't really hearing anything," said Dudley.

"We were seeing videos of Marsh Harbour and the devastation, things were completely gone, just water and destruction."

Dudley put a plea out on social media, with a photo of her parents. She also started a Gofundme page for hurricane relief in the Abacos.

Dr. Dudley and Dr. Laughlin own Lasermed, a popular medical practice in the capital.