The city of Ottawa is looking to expand recycling and organic waste bins to more parks in 2021. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/JimWatsonOttawa)

Bins for your recycling, organics and pet waste will be set up in 20 parks across Ottawa this spring and summer, including at Mooney's Bay.

In a memo for Council, Public Works and Environmental Services general manager Kevin Wylie outlines plans to expand the pilot project for recycling in parks in 2021.

Between 2017 and 2020, Solid Waste Services conducted three pilot programs for recycling in parks in order to inform the best way to rollout a future recycling program.

Last year, wheeled collect carts for garbage, blue box recycling and organics waste were set up in 10 parks across the city. Wylie says 72 per cent of waste from the 10 parks, that would have otherwise been landfilled, was diverted to the recycling and organics waste.

♻️ Expanding waste diversion to @ottawacity parks to include recycling, organics & pet waste collection was a commitment I made in 2018.

In a memo to Council today, we heard good news that our recycling in parks pilot is making an impact in diverting waste from the landfill 1/2

— Jim Watson (@JimWatsonOttawa) February 3, 2021

This spring, Solid Waste Services is looking to expand the recycling in parks pilot project to approximately 20 parks of different sizes and locations throughout the city. In addition, Wylie says staff have decided that one destination park will be included in the pilot project in 2021 – identified to be Mooney's Bay Park.

"The inclusion of a destination park will require different planning and waste collection methodologies and increased effort for servicing. For these reasons, only one destination park will be included in this pilot," said Wylie.

Three-stream waste receptacles will be installed at various locations throughout each of the parks, with emphasis on park entry/exit points and gathering hotspots.

"Success of the pilot will be measured using a variety of methods including diversion rates, waste collection data and resident feedback," said Wylie.

Councillors are being asked to tell staff which parks they would like included in the pilot project.