Ottawa MPP renews push for New York State to move to daylight time permanently

Descendant of a Hungarian noble family Bela Hatvani adjusts a clock backward one hour in a museum displaying his family’s clock collection in Kunszallas, Hungary, 28 October 2017. EPA/Sandor Ujvari

An Ottawa MPP hopes a new governor in New York State will help in his mission to make daylight saving time permanent in Ontario.

Ottawa West-Nepean MPP Jeremy Roberts sent a letter this week to new Gov. Kathy Hochul, calling on Ontario's neighbour to end the bi-annual time change.  Roberts wrote to former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in February regarding the issue.

"I am hopeful that this year's fall back will be the last time Ontarian's have to change their clocks," said Roberts on Twitter.

Roberts private members bill titled the "Time Amendment Act" passed at the Ontario legislature in December 2020, amending the Time Act to make the time now called daylight saving time the standard time year-round. 

Under the bill, Ontario would move permanently to daylight time if Quebec and New York State pass similar legislation.

In his letter to Gov. Hochul, Roberts says he has had the opportunity to speak with numerous New York State residents who share "our desire" to end the practice of the time change.

"By moving forward together, we can ensure that this change is done in a way that benefits citizens in both our jurisdictions without impacting commerce and business," writes Roberts, noting 13 states have already enacted legislation to provide for year-round daylight saving time if allowed by Congress.

"I would ask that you champion similar legislation in New York State and work with us to convience your federal counterparts to allow such a change."

Under the Uniform Time Act, states can opt out of observing daylight saving time and remain on permanent standard time. The U.S. Congress would have to change the law to allow a state to institute permanent daylight saving time.

Daylight saving time started in Ontario in 1918. This year, it ends on Nov. 7 at 2 a.m.

Saskatchewan is the only province that currently follows standard time year round. In March 2020, Yukon made the switch to daylight time permanent.

Earlier this week, I sent a letter to Governor Hochul of New York State, urging her to bring in new legislation to make Daylight Time the permanent year-round time

I am hopeful that this year's fall back will be the last time Ontarian's have to change their clocks. #StopTheClock

— Jeremy Roberts (@JR_Ottawa) October 1, 2021