An Ottawa police initiative aimed at recovering hot wheels has resulted in the recovery of 29 stolen bikes.

Over the summer, frontline patrol officers spearheaded project "Hot Wheels," a community initiative aimed at lowering the number of commercial and residential Break and Enters in which bicycles were targeted.

"Police officers partnered with City of Ottawa Bylaw officers in order to identify several locations believed to be used to dismantle bicycles," said Const. Samson Vo.  "A total of five locations identified as 'chop shops' were subsequently closed."

Police say the project Hot Wheels, in addition with the 529 Garage Program, has bolstered the stolen recovery rate of bicycles in the city by 30 per cent compared to 2019. A total of 44 bicycles have been recovered and returned to their owners this year. Police say an additional 100 bicycles were seized and impounded.

Ottawa police launched 529 Garage, which allows owners to register their bicycles in the event they're stolen.