Ottawa could see record-breaking cold

It will be a sunny but frigid start to the weekend and Environment Canada has issued an extreme cold warning for Ottawa.  

The forecast calls for wind chill values between -35 C to -42 C today. 

The forecast high is -17 C but it will feel more like -37 C with the wind chill this morning, and more like -21 C this afternoon.

These temperatures could cause frostbite within minutes on exposed skin. Ottawa Public Health has also issued a frostbite warning, which it does when the wind chill is forecast to go below -35.

It will be sunny throughout the day with clear skies tonight, and overnight temperatures will drop to -27 C and -31 C with the wind chill.

The all-time low temperature for Jan. 21 in Ottawa was -31.1 C, a record set in 1943.

Expect similar weather tomorrow with clouds rolling in late Saturday morning. Tomorrow’s forecast high is -14 C and it will feel like -32 C in the morning with the wind chill, and more like -21 C in the afternoon. The risk of frostbite will continue throughout the day.  

Things will warm up on Sunday – expect a mix of sun and cloud and high of -7 C.