Outdoor watering ban issued for Clarence-Rockland following water main break


An exterior watering ban remains in effect in Clarence-Rockland following a major water main break Monday morning.

About 14,000 people were affected by the initial water main break.

Officials said the water supply was cut off to the community around 4:30 a.m. for about three hours, when a ruptured pipe drained the water reservoir. Most service was restored to the city by 8 a.m.

Service to L’Escale High School and about 15 houses near the broken water main was disrupted throughout the day but restored around 8:30 Monday night.

Julian Lenhart the Director of Infrastructure City of Clarence-Rockland, says the city was able to restore water service quickly as the system is newer and has many failsafes.

“This morning around 4:30 a.m. we were alerted that our alarms were going off in the reservoir, this happens when the pressure decreases or the water level in the reservoir is low,” Lenhart said. “We found out the reservoir was empty and the cause was a water main break, the cause of the break is unknown at this time.”

The city said outdoor water usage was prohibited until further notice, to allow the system time to recover. Residents who are connected to the regional water supply are also asked to reduce their water consumption during the repair period.