Residents at Autism Services Saskatoon took a fun and unique ride this weekend, as staff built a cardboard toy car for a group living at the care home.

The ‘vehicle’ made its way through the Hampton Village Tim Horton’s drive-thru, so the passengers could purchase a hot chocolate.

Paul Mongovius, a disability support worker with the organization, says the idea came to him as a way of getting residents outside and active, since many have been cooped up during the pandemic. He phoned the staff at Tim Horton’s ahead of time, and they were on-board with the idea.

“We look to try find fun ways to bring excitement to their lives. They can’t go to the park, so we have to get creative. We were able to have fun and just make them really happy.”

Mongovius says he can’t remember the last time the residents were this happy, and he’s always looking for new and creative ways to get out and have fun.