An elementary student in Waterloo received a shout out on social media from P.K. Subban on Friday after honouring the NHL player in a Black History Month project.

Jenny Brooks, a grade 5/6 teacher at Lexington Public School, tweeted out a drawing from one of her students on Thursday, tagging Toronto-native and New Jersey Devils defenceman P.K. Subban, in the post.

Hi @PKSubban1 - I’m a grade 5/6 teacher in Waterloo, Ontario. Not sure if you will see this, but a hockey fan in my class did his #BHM biographical poster about you. He learned a bit about you and chose these traits to describe you.

— Jenny Brooks (@MsBrooksWRDSB) February 18, 2021

Then on Friday evening Subban retweeted the post along with some hands up emojis and hearts.


— P.K. Subban (@PKSubban1) February 19, 2021

Grade six student Noah Janzen says he was shocked and overjoyed to see his idol react to the poster.

“It was like right at the end of my school day cause my teacher had posted it and we were like talking about it throughout the day and she was just like ‘no it finally happened’ and I was like ‘no way,’” said Janzen.

Brooks says Janzen is a hockey fan and completed the drawing as part of a project suggested by her teaching partner, where students picked a well-known black Canadian or American to illustrate in a biographical poster.

"It's was the first time that I've done it, but I loved the response that the kids had and being able to research people that interested them and then being able to have it in front of a display case, both of our classes their work, it was great," said Brooks.

Janzen described Subban as a role model, resilient, caring, hardworking, and generous.

“The one that kind of stands out to me is generous and the reason I chose generous is because he donated $10 million to a hospital over seven years,” said Janzen. 

Brooks says since Janzen chose a Canadian that is still alive and on social media she decided to reach out to the hockey player.

“I thought it’s maybe worth taking the chance to tweet it and see if he maybe sees it that would be sort of amazing for me because I’m a fan and also for Noah,” said Brooks.

The posters are now in the school’s front display case to celebrate Black History Month. Kitchener Centre MPP Laura Ma Lindo was also among those featured in the display.

Wow! Literally made me cry. So honoured to do this work. And not just in February but 365 days of the year. Please send my gratitude & my love to the students for this amazing honour. ��✊����

— Laura Mae Lindo (@LauraMaeLindo) February 18, 2021

“It’s definitely something that I will definitely be making a yearly project in the future,” said Brooks.