Pain at the pumps: What Maritimers could expect to pay

Prices at the gas pumps in Newfoundland and Labrador have reached over $2 per litre, leaving some to wonder if that's where the Maritimes are headed.

In the Sydney area, gas prices are nearly $1.82 a litre. Juanita McKenzie, who lives on a fixed income, says she isn't getting out much these days because of the price tag.

"Not very far. To the grocery store or a medical appointment, that's about it," says McKenzie.

As summer approaches and with restrictions loosened, McKenzie says she wishes she could hit the road for a weekend.

"Well, I would like to go up to the Valley to visit my sister. I haven't seen her in over a year, but we can't. Just can't do it, can't afford it, it's too expensive," she says.

With the high prices in Newfoundland, industry experts are warning the Maritimes could see the same.

"It's not impossible that we could see prices jump another 10 to 25 cents a litre here at some point over the summer months, should we continue to see the situation in Russia ongoing," says Patrick De Haan, from

Lorn Sheehan does tourism destination management research. He expects the travel demand to continue being strong, but adds some may try to save money by flying instead of driving.

"There are some deals out there. Many of us are expecting that prices are going to end up rising with those fuel costs, but in the short term the airlines are going to want to see people filling up their airplanes," says Sheehan.

Back in Sydney, McKenzie says it's hard not to be able to go where you want after being stuck at home over the past two pandemic years.

"Just being retired, we had plans for being able to do things together and it's not going to happen," she says.