The pandemic has made the flu shot a hot commodity this year.

"This virus has got us all on the run," says Peter Foy.

He means COVID, of course, but with it far from, over, no one wants to see a twin-demic.

Available for  about a month now, demand for the annual flu shot is up significantly, but the province expected that.

It ordered almost 494,000 doses this year, five per cent more than last year's total.

For the most part, things have gone smoothly so far, even though some pharmacies have reported shortages. That may be because its all-hands on deck.

"It's top of mind," says pharmacist Diane Harpell.  "This is basically our priority.  We keep all the other operations going, of course, things don't stop there.  But you do have to plan and make sure you have a whole other level of support and plans to place to make sure we get through flu season."

Curtis Chafe, the chair of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia, says it's the same every year.

"There's going to be temporary out of stocks depending on demand and the clinic or the pharmacy," Chafe said.

The province isn't concerned either, telling CTV News, there is no shortage, with more shipments arriving tomorrow and in the days ahead.