Parent turns to rapid testing to limit COVID-19 outbreaks

An Calgary parent is turning to purchasing his own rapid test kits in an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19 at schools. 

Dan Furst, a parent of two, says he reluctantly let his children return to the classroom this fall. He's using rapid tests to provide another layer of protection to his children and those around them.

"I will test them periodically just to make sure they’re not asymptomatic or if they get the sniffles to make sure that it isn’t COVID," he said. 

He says the tests also provide his family peace of mind about his children's health.

"You start getting a notice that there’s been a case of COVID in the school or your child has been exposed to somebody who had COVID,"  he said. 

"The question schools need to answer is, do you have enough virus in you that you’re infecting somebody else?"

Furst bought his tests through an online supply site and pays about $10 per test.

COVID-19's fourth wave in Alberta continues to be driven by the unvaccinated, including those who aren't yet eligible like children

Last week, the province announced it would resume contact tracing in schools.

Later this month, the province will give rapid test kits to parent with kids in elementary schools with outbreaks.