As online learning extends past its original end date for Southern Ontario students, some parents are trying out new methods to make the virtual education a bit more entertaining.

Most students in the bottom geographical half of the province will be logging on until at least Jan. 25, and depending on the age of the student, parents will also be joining in on the school day.

For parents like Charlotte Willson, sticking to old routines has become the key to success.

"Online learning is really not any different than your average day," she said. "It's about getting up at about the same time, have breakfast, get dressed, have the computer going, and that’s it."

For others like Julian Maser, staying active outside of the school screen time and mixing up what they look at has been their way to find balance.

"Sitting in front of a laptop is difficult for children," he said. "Especially at this age, for a five-year-old it's very difficult, so getting some props and stuff has helped, some learning cards, some flash cards, and some play numbers."

Even students like Rebecca Wilson have their own unique tips and tricks when it comes to being successful with online school.

"Maybe if you have a favourite stuffie you can cuddle that whenever you're feeling alone or frustrated," she said. "But if you really want to, just do what I do and just match your clothes with your feelings."

Student Helena Vujovic adds that you should "just keep smiling no matter what" and that online learning can be fun when you get to talk to your classmates.

For students like James Maser, recess still reigns supreme as the best part of an in-person school day.

"My favourite part of school is outside," he said.