Stock photo of a classroom. (skynesher / IStock.com)

After Tuesday's school closures, there are still another two more days of walkouts planned this week that will leave public elementary students out of school.

That means out of the five-day school week, Waterloo Region District School Board's elementary students only have two planned day of classes.

Kids in elementary schools, especially those in primary grades, can't be left home alone when schools are closed, leaving some parents in a lurch to find childcare.

Many local businesses are stepping up in an effort to accommodate parents who suddenly need care, opening what they call strike camps.

Breakthrough Martial Arts in Kitchener is one such business.

Owner Justin Snowden says he held a camp on Tuesday and will hold them on Thursday and Friday as well, even though the school doesn't normally open until 4 p.m.

"Teacher strikes are so sudden, and don't get me wrong, I support what the teachers are doing because it's helping the students, but parents shouldn't have to suffer," he says.

"Because, if I don't do this, they're going to have to miss work. If they miss work, they can't put food on the table. So there's a whole chain of events that basically could cause a problem."

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario has also announced it will strike for two days next week, on Feb. 11 and 12.

The ramping-up of job action comes after ETFO President Sam Hammond says the two sides were close to a deal before talks broke off last week.

That's in the event that no deal is reached before then.