North Bay police have closed Passmore Avenue between Lakeshore Drive and Whitney Avenue due to what they say is an active criminal investigation. Feb. 6/21 (Eric Taschner/CTV News Northern Ontario)

North Bay police say the investigation that led to the evacuation of homes in residential neighborhood continues but the area has been reopened following a search at a residence on Passmore Avenue.

Police say the investigation began on Feb. 5, resulting in the arrest of a man at the residence.  During the investigation, Police say they received information that prompted the evacuation of homes in the area and closure of the Passmore Avenue between Lakeshore Drive and Whitney Avenue.

North Bay police said the members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) also attended the scene to assist with the “preservation and documentation of any evidence.”

Officials have not released any details with regards to the “possibility of dangerous goods” they had previously confirmed at the scene but said more information about investigation would be provided on Monday.

“It is difficult to know exactly what we are dealing with in situations like these until the experts get in safely and have a look,“ said North Bay police Inspector of Operations Jeff Wagner.   

“Our primary concern is for the safety of the public.  Lengthy investigations into these occurrences take considerable resources and can displace people while the area is made safe. The officers on scene appreciate the neighbourhood support and cooperation.”This is a developing story…Check back often for updates.