Patios busy in Waterloo Region as fans take in England vs. Denmark Euro Cup semi-final match

Soccer fans in Waterloo Region were on the edge of their seats Wednesday afternoon as they took in the Euro Cup semi-final match between England and Denmark.

It was a high-stakes match, with the winner heading to the final.

England supporters at the Duke of Wellington in Waterloo were hoping their team could break a drought and bring home the cup for the first time in more than five decades.

"If England wins today, Sunday is going to be awesome. If England doesn't win today, Sunday is going to be fairly decent," said manager Craig McNair.

Denmark took an early lead in the first half but England managed to tie things up later in the match.

The patio at The Fat Duck in Guelph was also busy with passionate and patriotic fans.

"I grew up in a country where soccer means everything, it's like they say football is not religion, it's more important than that, it's not life and death, it's more important than that," said one fan.

The game came down to the wire with extra time needed. England scored again and took the win 2 to 1.