Paying more at the pumps; gas prices up in the Maritimes heading into long weekend


A day after a hike in gas prices in New Brunswick, drivers in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will also be paying more at the pumps on Friday.

Gas in Nova Scotia is up 2.9 cents a litre for a minimum price of $1.346.

Diesel is up 3.5 cents for a minimum price of $1.242 a litre.

After no change last week, regular self-serve on Prince Edward Island is up 2.5 cents a litre to $1.345, while diesel is up 3.8 cents to $1.357.

On Thursday, New Brunswick saw a big jump at the pumps for both regular self-serve and diesel.

The price of regular self-serve went up 5.5 cents a litre to $1.42, while diesel jumped 4.9 cents for a maximum price of $1.384.