'People here are very strong': Regina man in Ukraine helping with humanitarian efforts

A Regina man who has been in Ukraine since April is doing everything he can to help with humanitarian efforts amidst Russia’s invasion of the eastern European nation.

Alexander Nau is currently in the western city of Lviv as a volunteer with Humanitarian Emergency Response Operations.

“This is something that I always told myself I would do if there was ever a big conflict that could possibly escalate into something serious,” Nau said in an interview wit CTV Morning Live Regina.

“I was in graduate school and I couldn’t even sit and study anymore knowing what was going on. Pretty much the day the war started I began planning on how I was going to get there and figuring out all the supplies, then I went.”

Nau said most of his time has been in the Lviv area where he has seen countless refugees make their way into the region.

“For example at the border I met a Ukrainian man that has been living in his car and helping all the refugees coming through that are leaving the country,” Nau said.

Nau said at the refugee centre he is at, Ukrainian people are in high spirits despite losing loved ones and their homes.

“The people here are very strong,” Nau said.

Nau said right now where he is, the refugee centre is currently trying to help families that are still in the eastern city of Kharkiv and are in need of things like baby food and first aid supplies.

“Tourniquets are super hard to come by now and its something that is a dire need.”

Nau said the Lviv area is much more quite compared to the fronts in eastern Ukraine, but he did recall sitting down for a meal and hearing cruise missiles strike not far away.

“Now wherever I hear loud sounds it’s a bit nerve-racking but I’m still here and I can manage,” Nau said.