Permanent patching underway on Winnipeg’s pothole-plagued streets

Winnipeg drivers will soon be in for a smoother ride.

The City of Winnipeg confirmed crews have started repairing the potholes that have emerged on the road during the spring melt.

“Crews began permanent, hot-asphalt pothole repair operations earlier this week. The big push of major repairs is scheduled to last through mid-May, at which point crews will transition to their routine annual pothole maintenance,” a spokesperson for the city said in a statement.

Routine maintenance will take place until snow operations begin in Winnipeg.

Michael Cantor, manager of street maintenance, said this year will likely be a record year for pothole repair in Winnipeg. He said on average, the city will fill 170,000 potholes each year; so far, 46,563 potholes have been repaired and 311 has received 5,060 pothole related requests acorrding to the city. 

“This is a ripple effect from the winter that we had, and lots of water on the street from rain or melted snow. And with this May weather that goes under and above zero degrees with the freeze and thaw cycles, we get those potholes, and we are now in the midst of a blitz to repair them permanently city-wide.”

Cantor said the city has received reports of problem areas on Route 90, but added potholes are prevalent in many areas of Winnipeg.

The city has been using a temporary fix until the weather warmed up to do permanent repairs on the potholes.

Cantor said there are 10 crews working throughout the city to repair and fill potholes daily, along with several patchers working on high-speed routes.

He added the city wants to keep roads safe for drivers.

“This is the highest priority right now,” he said. “That’s why we are directing resources from our regular spring cleanup towards this, and we are boosting the crews as much as possible.”

Motorists are advised to drive carefully when crews are working.

Potholes can be reported online or by calling 311.