Petition underway to protect forested area in Qualicum

The area known as Estate Residential forests is approximately 150 square acres of green space located in the south end of Qualicum Beach (Google Maps)

A Vancouver Island conservation group has launched an online petition to help protect a forested area that surrounds and buffers Milner Gardens in Qualicum.

The online petition, called “Stop the Development of Qualicum Beach’s Greenbelt”, was created to garner support in protecting the forested area from any potential development projects.

The Greenbelt, also known as Estate Residential forests, is approximately 150 square-acres of green space located in the south-end of Qualicum Beach, along the ocean.

The Qualicum Nature Preservation Society (QNPS) says that Qualicum town council is set to make amendments to its community plan for the Qualicum Beach area, which would allow for the development of a 28-unit property in the region.

QNPS says it is concerned that the amendment would also open the door for future developments in the area.

 “It sets an incredible precedent, to not only expand and encroach upon Milner Gardens but to also expand and encroach upon other open lands and resource lands throughout Qualicum Beach,” Ezra Morse, president of QNPS, told CTV News.

Qualicum town council is set to discuss the amendment to its community plan at a council meeting on July 15 at 3:30 p.m.

Conservationists say they are planning a march that calls for the protection of the land roughly two hours before the meeting, at 1:30 p.m. on July 15.

The march is set to start at Spruce Street and end at the Qualicum town hall.