Pipe bursts at Erie Shores Healthcare causing flooding and some service cancellations

Cleanup at Erie Shores Healthcare after a pipe burst causing flooding. (Source: Erie Shores Healthcare)

Erie Shores Healthcare officials say flooding in portions of the hospital has forced patients to be moved and some services cancelled.

Services at the hospital, like ambulatory clinics and surgical services may be delayed. Patients can expect to be contacted today to reschedule their procedures if applicable, according to a statement from ESHC.

“Around 6 a.m. on Friday, a pipe burst in a second-floor obstetrics patient room, causing flooding in several hospital areas, including patient rooms, surgical clinic areas, ambulatory care clinic areas and the Medical Device Reprocessing Department, which sterilizes medical instruments for the hospital,” states an email from hospital spokesperson Kevin Black.

He says efforts by staff from across the hospital helped mitigate the impact on patient care. Several patients were quickly moved when the pipe burst was discovered. They were transferred to other areas of the hospital.

The pipe also caused water to be shut off to a large portion of the hospital while the maintenance team repaired the waterline.

Later Friday morning, service had been restored to the majority of the building, including all patient care areas.

The hospital expects to continue to work on infrastructure repairs through the upcoming weekend.