Plants donated to Calgary seniors isolated during the pandemic

Plantsie made the donations in partnership with the United Way of Calgary to help seniors who are feeling isolated because of the pandemic.

A Calgary plant company, along with the United Way, are doing their part to help seniors feel a bit less isolated during the pandemic.

Plantsie, located in southeast Calgary, handed out more than 100 plants with the help of the charity on Friday.

The recipients were also given information about the names of their new plants and their "personalities."

The United Way says many Calgarians are still suffering from the impacts of social isolation brought on by the pandemic.

Officials say this initiative is aimed at helping them rebuild bonds of physical contact and to remind them that they are not alone.

"Really (this is) an opportunity to help seniors, help ease their isolation and help them know people care and want them to feel some comfort and joy in their everyday lives," said United Way spokesperson Susan Brooke.

The plants, meant to improve mental wellness, were given to seniors at the Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens' Society and Cayra.

Plantsie is also donated $10 from the sale of select plants at its store to the United Way through to the end of the month.

Further details can be found on its website.