Three dogs belonging to Alan Barnes will be put down after they attacked a woman

The owner of the three dogs who attacked and seriously injured a jogger in Estrie in March was arrested by the Surete du Quebec (SQ).

Crown prosecutors will now determine whether a charge of criminal negligence causing bodily harmed will be laid against the man.

The SQ reported that it arrested Barnes on Aug. 26, stating that he had been interrogated last week and released with conditions.

However, police refuse to confirm that this is the owner of the three dogs involved in this case.

On March 29, a woman was running in Potton in the Eastern Townships when the dogs ran out of a house and attacked her. She was taken to the hospital with serious wounds. Her home required renovations to adapt the after-effects of the injuries.

The Township of Potton asked the Estrie Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) to conduct a behavioural evaluation of the three animals. The SPA determined that they were abnormally aggressive and too dangerous to be handed over to their master.

The dog's owner did not oppose the order to euthanize the animals.

The Township of Potton is located about 40 kilometres southwest of Magog, near the Canada-United States border.