Police investigating after UPS packages stolen using fake IDs in Whitby

Police are investigating two incidents in which someone with a fake drivers licence picked up a package that didn’t belong to them at UPS locations in Whitby.

Stephanie Field told CTV News Toronto that she received a notice from UPS on Monday saying that they had tried to deliver a package, but she was not home.

“It was a cell phone that was being delivered to me from Telus,” she said.

Two days later, Field went to pick up her package at a UPS location in Whitby.

When she arrived, Field was told the package was gone.

“They told me that someone with identification, a driver’s license with my name on it, but their picture had picked up the package.”

It has been just hours earlier.

In this security footage, a woman is seen showing ID to a manager before receiving a phone call.

Last month, Durham police posted an image on Facebook of a woman who had come to a different UPS location in Whitby and done nearly the same thing. The person presenting fake ID and received a cell phone.

“They looked similar,” Field said. “They were both wearing a mask so it was very difficult to tell. But the hair was the same, and the build was the same.”

While the details of both cases are similar, Durham police have not said if they believe the same suspect is responsible.

Investigators told CTV News Toronto that they are also concerned with how the information got into the hands of those responsible.

“Whether or not it is an inside job,” said Durham police Sgt. George Tudos. “Is it a something, information they're receiving from the telephone company, from online purchasing? These are all factors that we're going to be looking into.”

For Field, who has a new phone on the way, there is also the worry of her identity.

“It's a little bit nerve-wracking thinking that there's someone out there with a driver’s license with my name on it. And you just don't know what else they can be doing with that.”