Police promise more drunk and drugged driving enforcement coming

Calgary Police say to expect to see more Checkstops on Calgary roads this summer.

As a fresh reminder about the dangers of impaired driving, a wrecked pickup truck from a fatal drunk driving accident that happened a decade ago will be on display at several prominent places around the city over the next two months.

"When I first saw it, it was so impactful, and if this doesn't deter you from drinking and driving I don't know what will," said Rick Lundy, president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

"Somebody has died in this vehicle and this happens every single day in this country."

Denise Dubyk lost her son in law Daryl Ray to a drunk driving accident in 1999. Her grandsons, ages two and six at the time, lost their father.

"We will never forget that morning when the police came to the door," she says, her voice becoming shaky with emotion. "It's been 21 years but it doesn't matter.

"Every day we remember Daryl."

CPS says the number of citations issued fell during the pandemic but are now back on the rise. It's an increase they attribute to a combination of additional enforcement, summer weather and the easing of restrictions.

"We're going to be out there absolutely more than ever before. You'll see us and particularly you'll see us on our motorcycles more than ever before," says Insp. Curtis Olson, with the CPS’ traffic section.

"No alcohol, no drugs, no victims. That’s what we really want to make sure gets a message across."

You can lose your license if you are found with a blood alcohol level of .05 and at .08 the charges become criminal.