School is back in session, which means drivers are being reminded to pay extra attention around schools. COVID-19 has caused some changes, including staggered drop-off times and locations, so police are stepping up enforcement.

Jennifer Mitchell is preparing to let her daughter go to school alone.

“I’m just trying to teach her, make sure to press the button, stop, make sure the cars stop before she goes and to pay attention,” she said Thursday.

“We need life to start to resume, but I am a little scared that kids are kids and they don’t understand rules all the time.”

“They’re not allowed to cross the street,” said parent Melissa McKeen. “We got lucky because we live on this side of the street, so they don’t have to cross any of the main roads to go anywhere, but still you gotta watch and you gotta be careful.”

After an extended break drivers are being reminded to be careful in school zones.

“Plan your route, allow yourself a little more time to get through those routes so you’re not in a panic that you’re late and having to speed or roll through a stop sign or cross walk something like that,” said Sgt. Kerry Bates of the Edmonton police traffic safety unit.

“Each school has different protocols and entry points, so it may kind of spread traffic around the schools where it hasn’t before where most of the congestion was say at the front door.”

Police will be watching with extra enforcement over the next few weeks.

“Just be cautious,” said parent Kayla Miller. “Little guys are hard to see sometimes and wherever you’re going is not as important as a little kid’s life.”

There are 393 playground zones in Edmonton. The speed limit is 30 kilometres an hour between 7:30 a.m. and 9 p.m year round.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Amanda Anderson