Pop of colour: Moon mist inspired mural being painted in Halifax's downtown core

A not-for-profit organization in Halifax is creating an East Coast inspired mural in the city's downtown core over the coming weeks.

Located at the Birmingham and Queen Street intersection, the pop of colour originates from Atlantic Canada's ice cream flavor 'moon mist.' The group says the waves of pink, yellow, purple, and blue brighten the area in any season.

Its design features intersecting patterns to build a sense of movement regardless of what angle it's being viewed at.

The group behind the piece, Altruistic Current (Alt-C), organizes community initiatives, and its Muraleers branch creates murals to brighten the community. Last fall, it was awarded a grant by the Halifax Regional Municipality to help support the project.

However, the mural isn't solely being painted by the group. Seven local artists have been selected to add their unique touches by each painting two snowshoe hares in their own distinct styles.

"A naturally speedy animal, they are tied to many traits (clever, fast, lucky, etc.) and as with all art, will mean different things to different people," said Dylan Smibert of Altruistic Current, in an email to CTV News.

Alongside Smibert is Amber Solberg, both of whom are designing and painting the projects background. They say they spent 14 hours to have the first coat completed on Saturday.

The group says about 100 hours will be put in by the artists. The mural is estimated to be completed by June 7.