Porcupine Art Club displays art on bush trail to allow for a COVID-safe exhibition

The Porcupine Art Club usually has shows at the Timmins Museum.  But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person exhibitions haven't been happening. 

Artists have been creating new ways to display their paintings and one of the Club's members came up with the idea to host an outdoor event.

Catharine Cribbs thought it would interesting to hang eighteen pieces done by club members on trees along a private bush trail, located on her son's property.

They've invited people to come over, take a hike and enjoy the artwork at the same time.

Cribbs said this experience gives members a chance to hear important feedback they haven't been receiving for the past couple of years. 

"You don’t always take to heart what you hear but it also helps you progress and you need that. In a way, you’re creating for other people; you’re sharing what’s in your head."

The show will continue on Sunday and next weekend at 131 Daniel Crescent in South Porcupine from noon to 4:00 p.m.