Potential mask, COVID-19 vaccine mandates coming to Prince Albert city facilities

Prince Albert City Council is set to discuss a COVID-19 vaccine and masking mandate for people using city facilities.

According to Mayor Greg Dionne, council will debate the topic at its next meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

It comes after Saskatoon passed a similar motion on Monday, along with the City of Regina implementing mandates in city facilities.

“Saskatoon’s had quite a few outbreaks, so I’m glad to see they’re the first to act – but we may follow shortly,” said Dionne.

“It’s all about safety. It’s not about power and inflicting pain on people. It’s about keeping the majority of the population safe, and that’s who we work for, we work for the majority of the population, not the minority. And the majority of the population are getting vaccinated and I want to thank them for that.”

Dionne commended the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who announced Monday that proof of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine or a negative test will be required to attend home games.

“It is going to be a little more costly, but the other thing is you cannot put a price on somebody’s life,” he said.

Should council vote in favour of the mandates, masks and vaccines would be required in facilities such as City Hall, the Alfred Jenkins Fieldhouse, the E.A. Rawlinson Centre and the Art Hauser Centre.

The discussion comes as COVID-19 cases spike across Saskatchewan, but particularly in Prince Albert and the north.

According to the Government of Saskatchewan, the North Central 2 zone – which consists of just Prince Albert – has 163 active cases.

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