The City of Windsor is reminding residents to report road issues as “pothole season” arrives.

The city says as temperatures fluctuate around the freezing mark more potholes tend to pop-up.

“The winter season tends to be our worst time of year for potholes, especially between January and April,” Roberta Harrison, public works maintenance coordinator, said in a City of Windsor video. “The weather causes the pavement to expand and contract through freeze and thaw and our temperatures that hover around zero.”

Fluctuating temperatures around the freezing mark mean pothole season is here. Contact 311 to report them. City staff are out making repairs, and due to COVID-19, you may see more trucks than usual. We learn more from Roberta Harrison at Public Works. #YQG

— City of Windsor (@CityWindsorON) January 7, 2021

The city says staff are out making repairs, and due to COVID-19, more trucks may be on the roads.

As far as what drivers can do to avoid pot-hole damage to their vehicles, Harrison said to pay attention to speed.

“Drive the speed limit, if you’re speeding you tend not to see the pot holes in time enough to make a defensive manoeuver,” she said.

A pothole can be reported to the city by calling 311.