Probable Hepatitis A case in Manitoba linked to recalled frozen mangoes: province

Compliments brand "Mango Mania" is one of several frozen mango products being recalled. (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

A probable Hepatitis A case in Manitoba is being linked to frozen mangoes that have been recalled by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the province announced on Thursday.

In a news release, Manitoba said the affected people got sick between late March and mid-July 2021.

The recall was announced July 31 and involves products in question are branded Nature’s Touch, Compliments, Irresistibles, and President’s Choice.

Three confirmed cases - two in Quebec and one in Nova Scotia – have been identified in addition to the Manitoba probable case.

The Public Health Agency of Canada advises people who purchased the frozen fruit not to eat it, and to either throw it out or return it.

Provincial health officials say anyone who has consumed the affected products within the last 14 days who hasn’t been vaccinated against Hepatitis A should contact Health Links to find out if they should be vaccinated.

Health officials also advise anyone who had the recalled mangoes to wash and sanitize all areas the fruit may have had contact with.

If someone is unsure their fruit is part of the recall, officials advise people to err on the side of caution and throw it out and then wash their hands with soapy water.

Hepatitis A symptoms can include fever, dark urine, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and jaundice. However, not all infected people will exhibit symptoms.

They typically show up 14 to 28 days after exposure but may occur up to 50 days later. They can be mild, lasting for less than two months, but severe symptoms can linger for up to nine months.

The virus can spread through infected people, with the province saying anyone who has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A should not serve anyone food and drinks.

More information on the recalled products can be found on the CFIA's website.