The Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) has launched a new, multi-use parking lot designed by professional community-builders as part of an effort to innovate Inglewood's community.

PARK PARK, which was launched on Tuesday morning, is part recreation space and part parking lot.

Organizers said the bright colours and unique features will entice visitors to the space and be a attraction that people can travel to see.

“Calgary is a progressive, curious and collaborative city," said Sidney Starkman, planning and development analyst with the Calgary Parking Authority.

“We’re eager to watch the newly reimagined space spark conversations about placemaking, showcasing our talent and thought leadership, enrich our community and provide an opportunity for Calgarians to innovate."

PARK PARK will allow for alternative uses during off-peak parking times.

Public City Architecture was the winner of a competition managed by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation and has transformed Lot 43 — at Ninth Avenue and 11th Street S.E. in Inglewood — into PARK PARK.

“The inspiration is standard park signage that we have blown up into larger than life and have actually made it useful, you can sit on them, there is a little free library, there is a hand warmer in the bonfire sign, there is a phone charger, bike pump, so it's useful," said Liz Wreford principal landscape architect at Public City Architecture.

“We felt that a recreational space along with a parking lot would be great here in Inglewood,” said Starkman. "We looked for a lot in an active community, something that we knew was already well used, and the right size and this fell in line with our needs to do that."

This project is open to the public 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily and the space is also available for rent through the CPA.