Manitoba hopes to reopen Highway 75 in 'near future'

Highway 75 near Morris is flooded on May 12, 2022 (CTV News Photo Scott Andersson)

The province says it hopes to reopen Highway 75 in the 'near future' but said it all depends on safety.

It has been nearly four weeks since the province shut down the highway on May 2 due to rising flood waters. The closure of the major trucking route to the U.S. has left truckers driving a 165-kilometre detour.

However, the province said the route may be restored soon.

"Water levels have recently begun to recede and Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI) will continue to monitor," a spokesperson told CTV News. "We hope to re-open PTH 75 in the near future pending a structural review and safety inspection."

The spokesperson said the highway would be reopened when it is safe to do so, but it depends on how much rain falls over the coming weekend.

"Highway 75 is one of the most critical economic corridors in Manitoba. As such, we are as eager as area residents to see it restored to normal use," the spokesperson said. "However, in the aftermath of a flood of this magnitude, it is incumbent on MTI to ensure the roadway is safe for use before reopening it."

The province said work is being done to raise the highway so it will not be required to close when faced with 2009 flood levels. The province said this work is anticipated to be completed in the fall.