Pump pain may keep some boaters out of the water

Dave Willacy was out early Friday to get his boat in the water and tuned up.

“I like to do it on a Friday before the weekend rush because it'll be a zoo down here in Port Stanley this weekend for sure,” he said.

It was the same story for Tom Tillman who came down from London to get their boat in the water before the crowd.

“We just came down to court this morning and put the boat in at the public dock,” he said. “So we’re just setting her up for the long weekend.”

After COVID restricted many from getting on the water last year, business is expected to be busy in Port Stanley this summer, especially for businesses like Stan’s Marina.

“A lot of people didn't put them in during the COVID season, so it'll be good to see everybody back out on the water this year,” said Shannon McDonald.

In most years, the most prohibitive factor of getting on the water in the summer is the weather but this year with the price of gas the way it is. Some boaters are contemplating on how often they'll be out on the lake.

“People are talking about the price of gas but we'll see when the sun comes out,” said Dave McNiece of Stan’s Marina.

“It's cost me about 40 bucks 50 bucks to go out for a day,” Tillman said of his 115 horsepower motor, while Willacy will make a variation to his usage.

“Probably won't change how many times I'm out, but it may change how long I'm out each time,” he added.

“This weekend is usually a pretty big weekend, well everywhere is, you know Grand Bend, Port Stanley, all of the beaches will be full. If we get some nice weather, I don’t know.”

And for these enthusiasts, the fewer boats out, means more water for them.