The Black Lives Matter Movement has inspired a group of young entrepreneurs in Whitney Pier, N.S. to launch their own clothing line.

Their new line, called 'Powerful.Creative', shares a strong message that they hope hits home during African Heritage Month.

"Our hope was just to put our hearts and our thoughts on our sleeve, on our chests, really, and just to let the world know that enough was enough," said Robyn Martelly, co-founder of Powerful Creative.

Martelly, along with her friends Whitney Green and Michael Vickers, recently launched Powerful.Creative. They say the clothing line's motto is "When we work together, powerful things can happen."

The team says the business was not only inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movements happening worldwide, but by the racism they have experienced and witnessed in their home country.

"I've been like, followed around stores and stuff like that, so it's not just a United States issue," said Martelly. "It's a worldwide issue... racism is everywhere."

Martelly says hundreds of t-shirts have already been sold across Canada and the United States. The team has also noticed plenty of people sporting the new apparel on social media – some identifying themselves as advocates within the Black community, others identifying as allies.

"If I can use my place of privilege to elevate the voices of my spouse Whitney and my friend Robyn in their quest to create a business that they've always wanted to, and move the conversations in our communities, then it's fantastic," said Michael Vickers.

Some of the t-shirts read 'United Like Whitney Pier' and feature the names of people from the community who have broken barriers or served as role models.

"People who are on it have reached out and said it made them cry and some of the people don't get recognized – we call them unsung heroes," said Martelly.

Fifteen per cent of the proceeds from t-shirt sales will be donated to local community organizations.

The clothing creators say it's an example of good that was inspired by what has been difficult times for so many.