A rally to raise awareness about violence against trans people, especially immigrants and those of colour was held in Churchill Square in Edmonton on Friday.

Only a dozen people converged on frozen Churchill square Friday afternoon, but the ones who did brave the -15 wind-chill had a strong message. Especially vigil organizer, Sandrine Umuhoze.

“Our people are being killed“ said Umuhoze.

Sandrine led the Remembrance of Transphobic Violence Victims rally with her drum and voice, shouting to bystanders.

“Laws and regulations that service these systems here in Alberta and specifically Edmonton, and other places around the world, most of these systems don’t serve black trans people. Most of the systems are not to protect black trans people. Most of these systems are killing us” she told CTV News Edmonton.

“We also want to celebrate those who are still alive, the trans community who are still present, and struggling with the pandemic, police brutality, racism, and so many other things.” 

Umuhoze also focused on the plight of black transgender refugees who she says, find it very difficult to gain meaningful employment. A problem that greatly affects their mental health.