Rare air quality statement issued for New Brunswick

A rare air quality statement has been issued for the province of New Brunswick by Environment Canada due to the presence of wildfire smoke out of central Canada.

The smoke shows aloft as a grey haze on satellite imagery in between the broken cloud cover present in the area Wednesday.

The wildfire smoke is visibly present aloft of New Brunswick, showing here as the dull grey haze in between the brighter banks of clouds.

The smoke may descend towards the surface through the day, reducing air quality.

The primary concern with wildfire smoke is an increase in fine particulate, PM2.5 matter.

Those particles are inhalable and can have adverse health effects, particularly for those with pre-existing respiratory issues. Current and forecast air quality can be monitored at www.airhealth.ca.

Modelling for wildfire smoke transport at firesmoke.ca. The model shows the primary source of the smoke as wildfires in northern Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

The smoke is anticipated to clear late on Wednesday as a weather front moves in and through out of the west.

The presence of wildfire smoke can produce visually striking effects at sunset. Most notably giving the sun a more red or orange hue and generally dimming the sky.