Rare lobster spotted in Kincardine, Ont. grocery store getting new home

It’s the equivalent of a maritime 'needle in a haystack,' after an incredibly rare orange lobster was spotted by a customer at Kincardine’s Sobeys grocery store.

“My daughter sent me an article about one that was found last week in Toronto, so I was kind of aware of it. So, when I looked in the tank here, and there was a big, bright, orange guy looking back at me,” says Deborah Finlayson, the customer who spotted the orange lobster.

Finlayson, vacationing in the area, says when she told Sobeys' staff about the rare find in their lobster tank on Saturday, they weren’t quite sure what to say.

“I said I think you’ve got an interesting find here. At first, they weren’t too sure, then I showed them the article and they seemed to be a bit more interested. Just to be sure I emailed Ripley’s Aquarium, to let them know 'Pinchy' has a cousin here,” she says.

'Pinchy' is an orange lobster found at a Toronto grocery store at the end of September.

Ripley’s, who picked up 'Pinchy' for their Toronto aquarium, say the odds of finding two orange lobsters in a matter of weeks, are astronomical.

“I’m kind of chuffed about it. One in 30 million. I think I should go out a buy a lottery ticket, while I’m at it,” says an excited Finlayson.

Officials with Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada will be in Kincardine this week to pick up 'Pinchy’s' yet unnamed Kincardine cousin.

Finlayson says she’ll be excited to see him again, when she returns to Toronto next week.