More than 1,000 vehicles are expected to participate in a convoy from Surrey to Vancouver on Sunday in support of farmers in India.

It will be the second such protest of 2021, after dozens gathered outside the Indian consulate on Vancouver's Howe Street on New Year's Day.

Demonstrations have been ongoing in India for months since that country's parliament passed new agriculture laws that farmers - particularly in the state of Punjab - say will devastate their earnings.

The issue has also been hitting close to home for many B.C. residents.

"Our fathers, our mothers, our brothers, our grandparents, they're actually sleeping on the cold roads of New Delhi at the moment, as we speak," said Gurvinder Singh Khalsa, one of the protesters who gathered on Friday.

"It's not just a problem for the Punjabis, it's happening all over India," he said. "It happens in other countries as well. They're trying to take our land, you know? They're trying to tell us what we can and what we can't grow, and that's slavery. It's 2021 now. Those days are long behind us. It's time to give the autonomy to the people."

The protest on Sunday is expected to begin around noon at the Cloverdale Recreation Centre in Surrey, before forming a convoy that will travel to the Indian consulate around 4 p.m., according to a news release from Surrey RCMP.

Mounties say they plan to be in the area to deal with traffic issues and monitor the situation. They advise anyone looking to avoid the rally to choose alternative travel routes between noon and 5 p.m., staying away from the 176 Street corridor between 60 Avenue and Highway 1.

Police also advise protesters to remember that public health orders aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 are still in place.

"We are asking rally participants to please stay in their vehicles and not intermingle or congregate with other participants," Surrey RCMP say in their news release. "If you have to step out of your vehicle, please wear a mask and maintain physical distancing."