RCMP issue fraud warning after scam defrauds St. Albert resident $7,500

March is Fraud Prevention Month and police are ramping up efforts to raise awareness on all kinds of fraud cases - including online romance scams.

St. Albert RCMP advised residents Monday to ensure they practice caution online after an individual lost $7,500.

In a media release, Mounties said someone met a man on the Facebook Dating App and began a friendship for about six months. The man said they were a doctor in the military on a mission overseas.

In early June, the fraudster indicated to the St. Albert resident they needed money for a piano for his son, who resided in the U.S. while he was stationed overseas. The resident transferred $7,500 U.S. to an American bank account and then realized they had been scammed, police said.

RCMP said this is just one of the many online relationship scams in Canada.

For information about scams circulating online, RCMP recommend visiting the Canadian Ant-Fraud Centre’s website