Harbour Air seaplanes are seen in Vancouver's Coal Harbour.

Several flights that recently arrived and departed from Vancouver Island have been added to the BCCDC’s flight exposure list.

The most recent flight with a reported COVID-19 exposure landed in Victoria on Dec. 28. The BCCDC says the exposure was aboard WestJet flight 335 and particularly affects passengers in rows 25 – 30.

One day before that, on Dec. 27, a flight from Calgary to Comox reportedly had a COVID-19 exposure. Passengers aboard WestJet flight 3335 are asked to monitor for symptoms of the virus, especially those in rows 13 – 19.

On Dec. 23, a seaplane flight that departed from Victoria was added to the BCCDC’s exposure list. All passengers aboard Harbour Air Seaplanes flight 220 from Victoria Harbour to Vancouver Harbour are asked to check for COVID-19 symptoms daily,

Meanwhile, passengers aboard a flight from Calgary to Comox on the same day, Dec. 23, are being warned of a possible COVID-19 exposure. Passengers seated in rows 1 – 7 aboard WestJet flight 3315 should watch for symptoms of the virus, according to the BCCDC.

All passengers seated in one of the flights above should monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days after their flight landed. Anyone who develops symptoms should call 811 to determine if a COVID-19 test is required.

Information on the latest B.C. flight exposures, both international and domestic, are available on the BCCDC’s COVID-19 website here.